Mike Gruber serves as vice president of regulatory and government affairs at the Consumer Brands Association and is responsible for state and federal government affairs programs and initiatives. His primary focus is advancing smart regulations for food, beverage, personal care and household products.

Since joining the Consumer Brands Association in 2012, under the former GMA banner, Gruber has helped drive enactment of the National Bioengineered Food Disclosure Standard, lead federal legislative advocacy for the regulatory implementation of the Food Safety Modernization Act and provided advocacy support for the reauthorization and subsequent rule-making for the federal chemicals management law, the Toxic Substances Control Act.

In addition, Gruber contributed to the development and growth of SmartLabel™, the leading digital consumer transparency platform, shaping federal and state ingredient disclosure policies. In 2014, he coordinated funding and directed victorious ballot measure campaigns in Colorado and Oregon to prevent a patchwork of state labeling laws.

Prior to his arrival at the Consumer Brands Association, he was a senior policy advisor to the House Energy & Commerce Committee where he managed budget and spending-related matters with the Congressional Budget Office, House Committee on Appropriations, House Leadership and the House Budget Committee. His issues portfolio included energy, environment, health care, oversight and investigations, as well as telecommunications.

Gruber served U.S. Representative Tom Latham as chief of staff, appropriations associate staff to the House Appropriations Committee, and legislative director. During his tenure with Latham, Gruber helped enact spending bills for nearly every corner of the federal government. He was known for working effectively with both sides of the aisle and using Congress’ power of the purse to keep federal regulatory agencies in check.

Mike arrived in Washington, D.C., in 1994, after serving as field director for George Nethercutt’s victorious campaign against Speaker of the House Tom Foley. He later served Nethercutt as a legislative assistant, district director and re-election campaign manager.

Gruber also worked as senior account executive for Gabbe Group, a New York City-based corporate public relations firm. In addition, he served as a director of federal affairs at Conkling, Fiskum & McCormick, a public affairs firm based in Portland, Oregon.

Mike lives on Capitol Hill with his spouse, two teenagers and their dogs (Wilbur & Maggie). The Gruber’s are a gluten-free family — celiac disease is not a fad — and they are forever grateful to consumer brands for keeping their pantry full.


Mike Gruber

Vice President, Regulatory and Government Affairs, Consumer Brands Association