GMA Spring Update: Our Commitment to Driving CPG

This year, GMA set out a bold new agenda to empower the CPG industry to grow and thrive. We challenged ourselves to be focused, deliberate and impactful as we promote the incredible value of the CPG industry and the millions of lives these products power every day.

As part of our ongoing commitment to advancing our four strategic pillars, GMA debuted a new website homepage last week, highlighting the industry story and the organization’s fresh, new direction. This temporary online presence is only the beginning, with additional work underway to make our vision for a reimagined GMA a reality. Here’s an update on our efforts.

Enhancing Packaging Sustainability

Last month, GMA released our latest report, Reduce, Reuse, Confuse: How Best Intentions Have Led to Confusion, Contamination and a Broken Recycling System in America. The report focuses on the challenges we face combating a broken recycling system, highlighting the great work the industry does in this space and the steps stakeholders must take to ensure America’s recycling system is effective. You can find coverage of our report in Fast CompanyForbes and Huffington Post.

Championing Smart Regulation

From poorly designed rules that point to burdensome processes and not the needs of American consumers, to guidelines that create an unwieldy, expensive and unsustainable environment for success, patchwork regulations have negative impacts on both consumers and CPG companies. Later this month, GMA will shed light on some of the issues consumers and the industry face with a monthly series of case studies highlighting problem regulations.

Creating Frictionless Supply Chains

Infrastructure Week officially kicks off on Monday, May 13 and the CPG industry has a major stake in the future of our nation’s transportation capacity. In an op-ed appearing in The Hill, I explained the importance of finding a permanent solution, noting the urgency in fixing America’s deteriorating infrastructure before consumers are left with rising prices.

Next week, GMA will join more than 500 organizations from varying industries to urge legislators to act and build America’s infrastructure for tomorrow.

Building Trust in CPG

There are currently over 55,000 items on SmartLabel and we are on track to deliver more than 60,000 by year’s end. As the program expands, GMA remains committed to developing the roadmap for the next generation of this important industry program.

As GMA continues to reshape its brand and elevate itself as a leader in the industry, our commitment will be to continually highlight the vital role CPG companies play in every American home. These four pillars will be at the forefront of everything GMA sets out to accomplish, both this year and beyond.