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Creating a better future for consumer packaged goods.


Uniting the Totality of CPG

The Consumer Brands Association champions the industry whose products Americans depend on every day, representing nearly 2,000 iconic brands. From household and personal care to food and beverage products, the consumer packaged goods industry plays a vital role in powering the U.S. economy, contributing $2 trillion to U.S. GDP and supporting more than 20 million American jobs.

Representation on issues that unite the industry.

A community of peers to exchange insights on opportunities and challenges for member businesses.

Removing barriers to make doing business easier.

Exclusive access to key data, information and business leaders.

Stories from Members

“It’s very clear to me – there are some issues [for which we are] better working together than we are independent.”

Jeff Harmening
Chairman and CEO, General Mills, Inc., and Chairman, Consumer Brands Association


We’re creating a better future for consumer packaged goods by executing a bold agenda.

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Championing Smart Regulation

We advocate for rational, informed, uniform regulatory frameworks that maintain affordability, promote choice and build consumer trust across the sectors we represent, from household products to food and beverage.

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Enhancing Packaging Sustainability

The industry plays a crucial role in creating a more sustainable future by reducing packaging material, increasing recyclability and manufacturing with recycled content. We aim to leverage our expertise and innovations to galvanize stakeholders and drive needed solutions.

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Creating Frictionless Supply Chains

We account for one-fifth of all freight shipping in the United States, making the CPG industry a key stakeholder – and expert voice – on supply chain issues. We work to remove barriers to providing American consumers the affordable products they rely on every day.

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Building Trust in Consumer Packaged Goods

We promote our industry’s commitment to providing consumers with safe, trustworthy, reliable products and to sharing necessary information about these products, shaping a more informed, transparent environment.

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regulatory affairs

We work daily to advocate for smart regulatory frameworks that maintain affordability, promote choice and build consumer trust.

Core Services

Regulatory Affairs Advisory Group

Composed of senior-level leaders from regulatory, technical, legal and government affairs, the Regulatory Affairs Advisory Group meets throughout the year to identify and prioritize issues of importance to the industry.

Working Groups

Engage through participation on policy working groups to inform and advise the association’s regulatory work. As needed, these working groups will establish short-term task forces to tackle specific work streams and deliverables.

  • Food Safety Regulatory Working Group (formerly FSMA Steering Group)
  • Personal Care and Household Products Regulatory Working Group
  • Labeling Regulatory Working Group
  • Codex Working Group

Peer-to-Peer Exchanges

Share information through members-only, peer-to-peer exchanges. Exchanges for each of the topic areas listed below will be held approximately every six weeks via web conference to allow for timely discussion of regulatory issues.

  • Labeling
  • Chemical Management
  • Compliance and Inspection

Intelligence and Insight

Receive real-time intelligence on the regulatory and technical issues that matter most through newsletters, webinars and other communications.

Regulatory Rundown

A weekly, comprehensive summary of federal policy intelligence, regulatory activity and upcoming events.

Codex Connections

A monthly, comprehensive summary of Codex Alimentarius activity and events.


Monthly opportunities to hear from experts.

State Tracker

Regular legislative and regulatory intelligence from around the country.

Subject-area Distribution Lists

As-needed communications to members on breaking news and emerging issues in the following areas:

  • Allergens
  • Biotechnology
  • Chemicals Management
  • Food Inspection and Compliance
  • Microbiological Safety
  • Nutrition Policy and Labeling
  • Processing Technology

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