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Helping the Industry Through COVID-19

Across the country, Americans have stocked up on cleaning supplies, personal care items and non-perishable food and beverage products to prepare for and protect against the virus’ impact. Consumer goods companies are equally preparing, working around-the-clock to ensure Americans have access to the products that keep them healthy and safe in this uncertain time.

Vaccine Information Hub

Get an up-to-the-minute look at the information you need to protect your essential workforce.


Economic Impact

The $2 trillion CPG industry is the largest manufacturing employer in the United States, supporting 20 million American jobs.

20.4 M

American jobs


The jobs supported by the CPG industry make up 10.4% of total U.S. employment – one in every 10 American jobs.

$1.1 T

in American salaries, wages and benefits

Labor Income

The total labor income supported by the CPG industry represents 9.3% of all U.S. labor income.

$2.0 T

contributed to U.S. GDP

Value Added

The CPG industry’s total contributions represent 10% of the national GDP.

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