How CPG is Integral in Creating Your Best Halloween

Maybe it’s filling a trick-or-treater’s bucket with something sweet, or the salty snack you reach for during a (totally not scary) horror movie. You might be partial to baking (or caffeinating) with the season’s sweet spices, or maybe you’re the dentist on the block who gives out toothbrushes and floss on Halloween. Whichever way you celebrate, Spooky Season is brought to you by the makers of the great household brands that Americans enjoy and depend on for their daily lives.

Candy is front and center on Halloween. Whether it’s part of a thrilling trick-or-treat haul or a welcome addition in the office kitchen, the holiday isn’t complete without something sweet. The National Confectioners Association said 93% of people plan to share chocolate or candy with their family and friends this Halloween, and that most Americans enjoy some candy two to three times per week (because we know moderation is important, but so is allowing yourself moments of indulgence when the occasion calls for it).

The presence of products consumers enjoy and rely on this season extends even further than candy and snacks, too. There’s the makeup you use to create a scary – or scary good – look to complement the perfect costume and the remover to ensure it’s all off before bed. Perhaps there’s an extra treat for the dog to distract from an evening of ringing doorbells and, of course, anti-bacterial wipes to clean up at the end of the night.

It’s not just the candy or the snack mix or cookies that bring us joy, but the memories we make around them. Our favorite snacks and festive goodies are a backdrop to time well spent, catching up around the kitchen table as we await the ding of the kitchen timer, watching a first-time trick-or-treater react with joy to their bucket filling up or having to break out the big trash bags because the annual costume party was the hit of the neighborhood, yet again.

This season is the kickoff to the time of year where we’re finally allowed to slow down — even for a little bit — and enjoy the people and experiences that bring us the most comfort. The products that help set the scene for moments we’ll always hold close is why companies continue to work to fulfill their promise of delivering what we need, every day.