How the Big Game’s Brands Capture Our Hearts

If you’re like me, this Sunday you grabbed your go-to brand of chips and salsa and headed to a friend’s place to watch this year’s matchup between the Chiefs and 49ers for one important reason: the commercials. Give me all the perfectly executed movie references, the next dance craze, a very on-trend combination of 90s nostalgia and oh-so-relatable “Cheeto fingers.” I’m here for it all.

And statistically, I’m not alone. Nearly one-in-four Americans say that watching the commercials is their favorite part of the big game. And this year, consumer brands companies in particular did not disappoint. In addition to spotting some of America’s favorite snack and drink brands winning on the big screen (and of course, on Twitter), laundry detergent treated us to a trip through time, cleaning product pros teamed up to conquer an impossible mess — seltzer water even took us to Mars.


In addition to becoming fodder for my Monday-morning Twitter feed, the ads are a reminder that there’s something truly captivating about our relationships with our favorite brands. Brands power the necessary parts of our everyday (shout out to toothpaste, morning MVP) but they also bring together our families and friends over football-friendly foods (looking at you cheese dip). They make us laugh. They challenge us to dream bigger. And yes, sometimes they give us baby nut.

Brands also make for a blockbuster party, outside of our annual football gathering. Last month, we saw that Capitol Hill is no exception to America’s brand obsession; our Consumer Brands’ launch party featured a VIP list of 15 of the country’s favorite brand mascots — and attendees went wild. Their reactions captured something we often feel but rarely see: a timeless (and totally shameless) enjoyment of the products that help us make our lives and our families lives a little more enjoyable each day.

In case you missed them — or let’s be real, just want to watch again — catch some of our favorite consumer brands commercials in our YouTube playlist. No game necessary.