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The CPG Summit brings together a community of CPG CEOs and executives in person to drive a broader strategic discussion around issues the industry will face in the future. Our intent is to curate a CPG-specific conversation,  informed by experts and partners critical to the industry, on topics that rise to the c-suite. 

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Industry Giants

The only event to bring together CEOs and C-Suite Executives for impactful content and conversations.

Key Conversations

Collaborate with fellow CPG giants on how to solve today’s problems and change the future, together.

Compelling Content

A packed agenda with discussions to address current and future business challenges.

Speaker Spotlight

The CPG Summit features conversations powered by the most impactful names in business.


Compelling Content

Discuss topics and trends on the horizon including the impact of politics on business, navigating the social climate, technology trends, supply chain, sustainability, the workforce and more.

A curated agenda featuring insights and strategies from retailers and  industry leaders to drive growth and innovation in your business.  

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“There is no other event like this that brings together senior executives and talks about topics that are relevant to our industry.”

Linda Rendle, CEO, The Clorox Company

“You walk away with a laundry list of things you are excited about and you want to relay back to your teams.”

Jim Snee, Chairman of the Board, President & CEO, Hormel Foods

“This event brings together all the industry leaders. It’s a great environment and we can bring together those topics that are most important.”

Al Williams, President and CEO, Bush Brothers & Company 

“Small enough group that you can have real conversations with fellow networks of business leaders whether at lunch or breaks or workshops together, you’re able to have very authentic, real conversations that truly can benefit each other.”

Laura Flanagan, CEO, Ripple Foods 



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