Photo: NBC News

One of America’s most well-known manufacturers of cleaning products, Clorox, produced 40 million more items in the first quarter of 2020 than it did during the same time last year.

At a factory in Atlanta, department crew leader Carleton Mitchell told NBC News that the biggest difference between pre-pandemic times and now was how he thought of his job.

“When I came to work, it was a job,” said Mitchell, who has worked for the company for 22 years. “I clocked out and I went home. Just entirely different now. Now when I come in, it’s not just a normal 9-to-5 job anymore. It’s a mission now.”

“I don’t just see it as products anymore,” he added. “I see it as a line of defense against this fight against the virus itself.”

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Carleton Mitchell

Department Crew Leader, The Clorox Company in Atlanta, Georgia