Nutrition Month 2024: Why Choice and Transparency are at the Center

March marks an extremely important month at Consumer Brands: National Nutrition Month. Throughout March, we’ll bring you content focused on priorities across the industry to ensure safe, nutritious and affordable food for all. We’ll also delve into trends the industry is seeing and technologies it’s deploying to continue innovating to meet consumer needs.

At the center of talking about nutrition is consumer choice and transparency. Consumers need options that align with their evolving dietary needs, which certainly isn’t suited to a one-size-fits-all approach, and they should feel empowered that they know their choices are steeped in transparent, accessible information provided by both industry and government agencies like the FDA.

FDA’s deputy commissioner for the Human Foods Program Jim Jones said at Food Policy Impact 2024 that “nutrition has taken much greater prominence [at] FDA.” During the two-day event hosted by the Washington, D.C. Section of the Institute of Food Technologists, he underscored an “ambitious, exciting agenda” that includes taking on a front of pack labeling scheme that is “understood by the consumer so they’re in a position to make informed choices.”

The summit highlighted many of the trends quickly taking shape in 2024, and we’ll be digging in deeper to those over the next four weeks, including:

  • How technology is being leveraged to support a safe food supply;
  • Industry’s goals for a front of pack scheme and how Facts Up Front is a critical tool in consumer education;
  • Industry innovations in packaging that support food safety;
  • The role processing plays in promoting nutrition; and
  • Supply chains and the link to nutrition.

As the makers of the food and beverage products consumers rely on and return to again and again, it’s our members’ priority to provide options that align with the way consumers want and need to feed themselves and their families. Stay tuned for more from Consumer Brands during National Nutrition Month.