FDA Legal Requirements for Bioplastics Used in Food Packaging

Wednesday, December 2 | 2:00 p.m. ET


Consumer and stakeholder concern about plastics continues to rise. The European Union has banned some common single-use plastic items and the Canadian government is proposing a similar approach. Here in the U.S., states are exploring packaging mandates to ban or limit certain kinds of packaging, including plastics.

This pressure to reduce plastic consumption means companies in a range of industries are seeking new, alternative packaging materials to bring products to market that address environmental concerns but also deliver on protection of product quality and safety.


Bioplastics is one such emerging packaging material and could be an alternative to petroleum-based plastics. However, what are bioplastics and what regulatory definitions exist for them?  In addition, what are the FDA regulatory requirements for food-contact materials? What bioplastics are currently authorized for use in food-contact applications by FDA?  How can CPG companies leverage these clearances? Understanding the legal requirements is critical for packaging engineers, legal, and compliance teams in the CPG industry.  

Join the Consumer Brands team with food packaging legal expert Joe Dages, attorney with Steptoe & Johnson LLP, to discuss the regulatory landscape for using bioplastics in food-contact applications. Dages will provide an overview of the regulatory landscape for this emerging material and answer your questions about compliance, feasibility and what may lay ahead.