Navigating Sustainability Goals: Smart Strategies & Tools in the Age of EPR

Navigating Sustainability Goals: Smart Strategies & Tools in the Age of EPR

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With the increase in EPR legislation around the country and growth of litigation around labeling and marketing claims, its essential for the consumer packaged goods industry to adopt tools and strategies that help brands stay ahead and lean-in on transparency to communicate to consumers and governments how companies are meeting compliance and sustainability goals.

When more than half of consumers find recycling labels confusing, it’s imperative to seek new ways to communicate recycling instructions, provide context for sustainability claims and commitments, encourage participation in the recycling system and strive for circularity. This webinar will explore new solutions and strategies that are being leveraged to help bridge the knowledge gap for consumers to help increase recycling rates. We will also explore legal pressures, pending updates to the FTC’s Green Guides, and the divergence of long-standing standards for the chasing arrows symbols.  Learn more from Consumer Brands and The Recycling Partnership this Earth Day, Monday April 22.


Rishi Banerjee

Senior Director, SmartLabel, Consumer Brands Association

John Hewitt

Vice President, Packaging Sustainability, Consumer Brands Association

Joseph Aquilina

Vice President and Deputy General Counsel, Consumer Brands Association

Whitney Webber

Recyclability Solutions Director, The Recycling Partnership