Ani Gulati serves as Chief Litigation Counsel at General Mills. His has overall responsibility for the company litigation worldwide, including its portfolio of class action litigation. He has been at General Mills for 26 years.
He has served on the leadership team of several of the company’s divisions. And has led several department-wide initiatives, including leading the companies preferred provider program. In the litigation area, Ani has championed diversity by retaining and promoting law firms that are minority-owned or majority-owned firms that are leaders in diversity. Ani has also founded a Litigation Roundtable for heads of litigation from other consumer goods companies.
Ani joined General Mills in 1997 as Senior Attorney. He was promoted to Counsel in 1999 and Assistant General Counsel in 2001 and Associate General Counsel in 2011.
Ani received his undergraduate degree from Colgate University, cum laude, in 1987 and received his J.D. from Northwestern University School of Law in 1991. He was in private practice in Chicago until 1997.

Ani Gulati

Chief Litigation Counsel , General Mills, Inc.