Humanitarian Assistance

Opportunities to Support Ukraine


Options to Donate Essentials Where They Matter Most

Consumer Brands worked with its members to identify partner organizations to deliver essential products to Ukraine and its refugees. Through partners World Central Kitchen (WCK), the European Democracy Youth Network (EDYN) and Czemu By Nie (“Why Not”) Consumer Brands can help your company facilitate the donation and transportation of CPG products and humanitarian assistance.

For those who would be interested in participating in this program, we’ve provided everything you need to know to get started.

Most Needed Products


Baby Formula

Baby Food (Pouches, Jars)


Children’s Hygiene Items

Dry Milk

Dry Pasta








Energy/Protein Bars



Pet Food and Pet Care Items

Liquid and Regular Soap

Shampoo and Hair Products

Toothbrushes and Dental Care Items

Hand Creams and other Personal Care Items

Shaving Creams and Razors

Cleaning and Laundry Detergents

Single Use Utensils and Dishes


Donating Products in Europe

If your company has products manufactured in Europe that it would like to donate, donations will be shipped to designated WCK and EDYN distribution hubs in Poland. WCK would coordinates the handoff to EDYN and Czemu By Nie for distribution in Ukraine. Both of these organizations are working with local and national Ukrainian government authorities and the Ukrainian military to ensure safe and effective distribution of goods.

Notes and Recommendations

Ideally, companies with European operations coordinate their own transport to the drop-off locations in Poland. If additional logistics support is requested, Consumer Brands has engaged the Hero Trucker program in Poland for potential in-kind transport. Companies requiring assistance are asked to complete this form and coordinate with Consumer Brands and Hero Trucker to secure transportation for donations.

Donating Products from the U.S. 

Consumer Brands has arranged the potential for in-kind, end-to-end logistics support from the U.S. to Poland through Transportation requests will be vetted to ensure feasibility and coordination with partner NGOs. Additional transportation may be made available through AirLink, Airbus and the UPS Foundation as needed.

Notes and Recommendations

Flexport will require additional information about each shipment, including origin address, shipment size, dimensions and other transport requirements prior to accepting cargo. Please connect with Consumer Brands in advance and have this information ready for Flexport. Once donations arrive in Poland, the same process outlined above will be followed.

Next Steps

If your company would like to arrange participation, please reach out to Thomas Madrecki for support and to be connected with Consumer Brands’ partner organizations.