Advanced Recycling

A Possible End-of-Life Solution for Single-Use Plastics

May 18 | 2 p.m. EDT

An Industry Solutions Webinar

Insights for CPG companies on emerging issues

Significant impact requires significant commitment. And the CPG industry is setting ambitious targets to better the health of our planet. Many of these consumer-supported initiatives involve using more post-consumer recycled content to reduce reliance on virgin materials and create a circular economy for packaging.

But the current U.S. system struggles to create the volume of quality recycled material that CPG companies need to fulfill their recycled content goals. Material-to-material molecular recycling is a key piece of the solution. The technology enables plastic waste to be processed back into virgin-grade durable, refillable or reusable applications — and gives CPG companies an opportunity to create better packaging solutions with a lower environmental impact.

In this Industry Solutions webinar, the Eastman Circular Economy Team discussed current recycling realities and how molecular recycling can complement current recycling solutions and enable once-challenging applications. The team also reviewed policy implications for advanced recycling, especially given the topic’s increased attention with legislators at the state and federal level.





Chris Layton

Director of Sustainability, Specialty Plastics, Eastman Chemical Company

Brent Perry

Director, Federal Government Affairs, Eastman Chemical Company


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