Clean Classroom Calculator

How many sanitizing products are needed
to help keep your school clean?

Number of Desks

Disinfectant Spray Bottles Per Cleaning

Using 32 oz spray bottles and two sprays per desk.*

Number of Desks

Disinfecting Wipes Per Cleaning

You can clean two desks with one wipe (one side per desk).**

Estimates were provided by Consumer Brands member companies. These estimates are for planning purposes only and could change based on a variety of factors, including desk size. Teachers, school administrators and parents should adhere to Centers for Disease Control, state and local health authority recommendations on disinfectants and sanitizers.

*Average number of desks may be reduced to accommodate for the contact time listed on the product label.

**Cleaning speed may be reduced to accommodate for the contact time listed on the product label.

I want my hands to be spotlessly clean.

How Much American Schools Will Need Per Cleaning

There are 56.4 million students enrolled in PK-12 this school year. That means cleaning one desk per student would require 28.2 million disinfecting wipes or 95,432 bottles of disinfectant spray.

While many students are learning virtually this fall, even if only one-third of students go to a physical classroom, there will still be a significant need of 9.3 million wipes or 31,000 spray bottles to clean one desk per student.

Did You Know?




say they are worried about the health and safety of students, teachers and administrators at schools reopening in person.



have concerns about schools getting access to enough disinfecting products to clean classrooms and other spaces, if students do return.



agree that schools should be able to utilize COVID-19 relief funds to purchase cleaning and disinfecting supplies.

Meeting Demand

The decision to go back isn’t easy. Consumer goods companies are working around-the-clock to make sure that schools that do open have the products they need.

The federal government must protect the supply chain for these products to help ensure America’s schools can open safely.