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ICYMI: Op-eds Call for Rejection of New Tariffs on Tin Mill Steel

On August 16, the Biden administration will make a decision that could raise grocery prices for every American household, including the most vulnerable populations, and imperil tens of thousands of domestic manufacturing jobs. Potential new tariffs on tin mill steel, which goes into making cans used for everyday essential products like soups, vegetables, beans, baby formula, hairspray, deodorant and more, could increase prices by up to 30 percent per can, equivalent to 58 cents more per item. The impact would be acutely felt by those who rely on food banks and government nutrition and feeding assistance programs such as SNAP and WIC.

The tariffs were requested by a single Ohio-based steelmaker, Cleveland-Cliffs, that’s looking to drive its profit margins higher at the expense of domestic can and food makers and U.S. consumers. The tariffs’ far-ranging negative impacts have been widely reported, with prominent advocacy groups, policymakers and media outlets weighing in. The message is clear: If the Biden administration cares about U.S. jobs, cares about U.S. manufacturing and cares about U.S. consumers, it should reject this petition.

In case you missed it, the following editorials were written in support of the outright rejection of the proposed tariff:

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