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Fears Over Access to Essential Products Dip, Trust in CPG Industry Grows Amid Coronavirus Crisis

Political leanings drive opinion on when to reopen 

April 28, 2020
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ARLINGTON, Va. — New results released today by the Consumer Brands Association show that in the survey’s eighth week, Americans have settled into pandemic life, feeling less concerned about the coronavirus but believing that the government will move to reopen the country sooner than it should.

The findings show that after nearly two months of steadily increasing alarm about the coronavirus, Americans’ concerns have lessened slightly and stabilized. The decline in overall concern is mirrored by consumers’ worries over access to high-demand products. Food and beverage access concerns dropped to 61 percent — 16 points lower than the peak on March 18. Further, nearly six-in-ten (59%) Americans have noticed greater availability of at least some high-demand products.

“The CPG industry is working overtime to ensure Americans have what they need to stay home and stay safe,” said Geoff Freeman, president and CEO, Consumer Brands Association. “This week’s survey results demonstrate that the industry’s hard work is paying off among American consumers.”

The industry’s around-the-clock efforts to increase production and availability are driving greater trust. The pandemic has changed the view of the CPG industry for many Americans. While the majority (55%) said their trust in the industry hadn’t changed during the weeks of coronavirus, 37 percent said their trust in the industry had increased. Only eight percent reported less trust.

Trust is seemingly less strong with the government. When asked, most Americans think the government will reopen the country in early summer, which is also the most common choice for when respondents feel it will be appropriate to lift restrictions, but by a significantly smaller margin (41% to 34%). This difference implies that many Americans think the government will move too fast to reopen.

Political leanings play a strong role in how Americans feel about the coronavirus. Seventy-two percent of left-leaning Americans are “very concerned” about the coronavirus, while only 43 percent of right-leaning respondents share the same sentiment.

Political affiliation also creates a divide in the debate to reopen the economy. When asked if America should reopen for the sake of the economy or stay closed to protect public health, a minority (41%) of left-leaning respondents said that they are at least slightly in favor of reopening, compared to a majority (63%) of right-leaning Americans.

“We face a tremendous amount of uncertainty as a nation. The CPG industry will remain steadfast in its commitment to get Americans the products they need throughout this pandemic and maintain the trust of the consumers who rely on us every day,” said Freeman.

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