Consumers are confused about what CBD is, what it does and if it is safe.

Lack of Regulations Threaten Consumer Safety and Trust

The cannabidiol (CBD) market is exploding, yet research shows that there is an alarming lack of consumer knowledge about CBD. More concerning, with one-in-three Americans using CBD, the overwhelming majority assumes the products are subject to federal regulations and safety oversight when, in fact, few regulations exist.

All of this has forced leading consumer brands to the sidelines, deterred by a Wild West marketplace and no clear guidelines on testing, dosage or product safety requirements.

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Assumptions and Alarms About Regulation


of Americans incorrectly assume or have no idea if CBD is federally regulated.

Perhaps even more concerning? Sixty-six percent of Americans feel that CBD is safe, despite the lack of robust information and testing on CBD.


of Americans have heard of CBD, but most of them are confused about what CBD is.

More than half believe that CBD has the potential to get the user “high.”


of Americans believe a federal agency, like FDA, should have regulatory control over CBD to guarantee safety.

The majority said CBD should be regulated federally (62%) or federally in concert with the states (17%).

The Issue

Smart, clearly articulated regulations are essential to providing consumers the information they need to make the best choices for themselves and their families. Right now, American consumers do not have that.

Today’s inconsistent, and often contradictory, state and local CBD regulations — coupled with the lack of methodical testing and safety requirements — put consumer safety at risk.

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Four-in-ten Americans (39%) incorrectly believe CBD is just another name for marijuana and more than half mistakenly think it can get you “high.” Despite clear confusion, two-thirds (66%) of Americans believe it is safe.

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Consumers will benefit from clearly articulated, uniform federal regulatory standards and they need them now. The CBD market is rife with uncertainty, putting consumer safety on the line, and it should prompt more than concern — it must prompt action.

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