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2022 Speaker Spotlight

The CPG Summit’s featured conversations are powered by the most impactful names in business. Explore the full slate of speakers from the 2022 event.


CVS Health

Musab Balbale, Senior Vice President and Chief Merchant


Speaking On: Maintaining Elevated Trust


Scott Ballard, President, Plastics & Circular


CPG Spark: Courage to Drive Change for a Circular Economy


Sucharita Kodali, Vice President and Principal Analyst


Speaking On: Unpacking Direct-To-Consumer Potential

Guild Education

Rachel Romer, Co-Founder and CEO


Speaking On: Addressing Skills Shortages through Employee Education


Josh Rider, Vice President, Brand Partnership Strategies


CPG Spark: Driving CPG Growth in New Ways

McDonald’s Corporation

Chris Kempczinski, President and CEO


Speaking On: Strengthening an Iconic Brand


McKinsey & Company

Jordan Bar Am, Partner


CPG Spark: Addressing the Sustainability Imperative


Sarah Alter, President and CEO


Speaking On: Exploring the “Belonging” in DEI&B


Karen Jones, Vice President, Learning & Partner Solutions


Speaking On: Exploring the “Belonging” in DEI&B


Kelly Dotson, President


CPG Spark: Brands, Wall Street and Beyond the Status Quo


Rich Wagner, Founder & CEO


CPG Spark: Planning for Market Volatility and Shifts in Consumer Behavior

Publicis Groupe

Jason Goldberg, Chief Commerce Strategy Officer


Speaking On: Leveraging Retail Media Networks


Tim Ryan, Chair and Senior Partner


Speaking On: Defining and Measuring Trust

Stuckey’s Corporation

Stephanie Stuckey, CEO


Speaking On: Revitalizing a Roadside Favorite

Walmart U.S.

John Furner, President and CEO


Speaking On: Understanding Customers to Grow

Walmart U.S.

Charles Redfield, EVP and Chief Merchandising Officer


Speaking On: Understanding Customers to Grow

Sekou Andrews

Opening Keynote Speaker

Sekou Andrews

Creator, Poetic Voice

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Closing Keynote Speaker

Lt. Col. (ret). Scott Mann

Rooftop Leadership: Authentically Connecting People to Purpose.

U.S. Army Green Beret Lieutenant Colonel Scott Mann believes that the key to leading a group of people is human connection. Only once we have a greater understanding of our need to connect with others can we start to build better, deeper, stronger relationships with those around us.

In this compelling talk, Lt. Col. Mann draws from his experiences leading and connecting people in some of the most challenging, war-torn environments in the world to outline powerful methods for fostering better trust and connection using time-tested Green Beret interpersonal skills that can be adapted by any organization. After all, what works in life and battle works even better in life and business.